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If you live in Fairfield, please consider creating a scholarship for a college-bound high school student. Anyone can create one! All of the administrative functions and funds disbursement is handled by Assist-A-Grad - a non-profit organization. I have created several scholarships for deserving and talented students. Of course, my scholarship goes to a student who intends to major in a visual arts field. However, there are many ways your scholarship could be targeted. It could be a very rewarding experience for you as well as a deserving student. For more information, please click on the following link:   



Do you love classic movies? I couldn't work in my studio without a classic movie playing on the TV! Many of the movies I watch I have seen before so I don't really need to be watching every second. I just fill in the parts I don't see from memory while I am working. Much of the time, I seem to know when to look up from my work for "important" parts of the movies I haven't already seen (It seems to be second nature to me now after years of "watching" movies while working). Of course, I must confess that sometimes I will take a break from work and watch the full movie if it is riveting. I need to have a classic movie on the TV and it actually helps keep me focused on my artwork.

I like Hollywood Golden Age Musicals, 1940's & 1950's Film Noir and Pre-Code movies (Pre-Code movies were produced between 1929 until mid-1934 when the Hays Production Code was finally enforced). If you don't know what the Hays Production Code is, then there is a new - actually "old" - world just waiting for you!

The Pre-Code movies I have watched inspired me to create my "Prohibition Era Series" of watercolor paintings.

I should mention that movies are a visual art form, too! My 2018 Assist-A-Grad scholarship recipient majored in Media Arts Production.

My favorite sources for classic movies are: TCM. Also, you can learn more about Film Noir at The Film Noir Foundation. Click on the links below for more information.





The Film Noir Foundation